Monday, October 22, 2007

Blog-Premier Illie-Toon (See Wha?!)

Finally got this damn thing posted! Nearly went insane trying to figure out how I can post videos! (Took me the whole day trying to figure this out... I'm such a noob :P)

ANYWAYS! This is one of my assignments for Electronic Class. We were to make "motion illustrations" using Adobe After Effects. It's supposed to be 5 seconds, however we were allowed to go over if it makes the video work (there were a number of people including I that asked our professor Stewart if it was ok to go as far as 15 sec... in which he was ok with. Thanks Stewart!)

On top of all that, we were given a choice of topic from the list assigned in class and make the video into whatever way we want. In my case, I chose "Bird".

Sound effects were provided by the CYCLOPS site in Sheridan College. For those who are curious about the song, it's titled "Strolling Along", which was also provided in CYCLOPS. I also took all those tracks and put it all together using Garageband.

I know that this video seems "random"... which it is. But, hey! I had fun making it! :D

© Eduardo Pasaoa