Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mr. Roboto!


Wow... it has been forever since I uploaded this thing... so here it is. Lately, due to an overwhelming series of events, it has been hard to keep up with this. BUT not to worry, all is now back on track. On another note, to find more up-to-date stuff, it is best to check my Carbonmade site by clicking on the "CLICK ME" link on your right-hand side.

Okay, now that that's aside, I made a fun illustration that was inspired by an article I read about Japanese robots. Apparently, there are projects being developed to produce robots for domestic purposes. After reading on it, I thought it be cool to have a robot to do all your dirty chores around the house (seriously, who would not want that?). So, yea, from there this piece was born! Enjoy.

There could be a possibility that I might make a set of these robot illustrations... so stay tuned for those. On another note, more illustrations to come once I can get myself rolling.

© Eduardo Pasaoa