Saturday, September 27, 2008

Temptation and the Tempted (Sexual Seduction)

Temptation and the Tempted (Re-edited Version)

An illustration for the "Good/Bad" project, where I decided to use the old classic tale of Eve and the Snake, but as an attempt to create a more sexually-suggested theme.

© Eduardo Pasaoa


Ryan Rogers said...

That is AWESOME dude! I really like it and it looks pretty kick ass. I love the fine details, especially on the apple. I love the 'sweat' that's running down it. Awesomeee attention to detail. It's uber good dude!!!

Anna Ballares said...

so this is what you were talking about! those filters and fine lines really did it for me ed, let alone the composition. great job!

foo-ray-ya said...

Wow Ed, that is really cool !
love the sexual take on the adam and eve story.