Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Duel (Short Narrative)

Duel (Page 1)

Duel (Page 2)

This is my short narrative exercise for my Visual Narrative class that I did over the weekend. I wanted to tell a short story about two great warriors in a death-match until the truth of what's really going on is finally revealed at the end...

To read the entire 3 page story to find out what happens next, you can go to my Flickr site by simply clicking on the images and check the "The Dual (Short Narrative)" set, or click HERE

[Update] I apparently spelled "Duel" wrong, spelling it as "Dual"! Hahaha, thanks for the correction, Emmanuelle! :)

© Eduardo Pasaoa


Emmanuelle said...

Any particular reason it's titled "Dual" instead of "Duel"?

Don't mind me, just nitpicking! Great site, btw, Ed.

Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Oh goodness! LOL I didn't even notice!!! Thanks for the heads-up, Emmanuelle! I'll get that corrected ASAP! :P