Sunday, June 6, 2010

Child's Play: Flight (Re-Edited Version)

Child's Play: Flight (Re-Edited)

Re-edited version of last-year's personal piece "Flight" of the "Child's Play" Series. I felt that after looking back at the piece I needed to add a few more touch-ups on it, especially that there are a few things I left out in the original piece. It's always a good thing to touch up an old illustration. Aside from that, this piece is about a childhood's imagination while struggling to face the reality of growing up.

On another note, I am currently adding another piece to the "Child's Play" Series, and will perhaps be posting some of the preliminary sketches in the next post, so stay tuned.

© Eduardo Pasaoa


Toniko said...

You know bro, this is a really strong work you have here. Not only is it technically awesome with great uses of colors and killer line quality, but from what I see - I like how the story is told in this one. I think the strongest aspect is the your total control of a human eye because from the kid's superman imaginations, it's clear there's an epic curve when he's flying. I think what sparks interest to me is the foot on the right, is that supposed to be him grown up?

Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Hello Toniko, didn't realized that my last comment failed to post! :p

Anyhoo, it's interesting to hear everyone's interpretation about the "mystery" of the foot on the right. Like you, everyone thought and interpreted the same way. Although your interpretation about the child's imagination is correct, however, I have to say that the piece lies a more in-depth and personal story itself. But I would like to leave the mystery as is and know how everyone interprets this image themselves :)