Thursday, June 10, 2010

Triceratops (Preliminary Sketch)

Triceratops (Preliminary Sketch)

Process piece for a new illustration adding to the "Child's Play" series. I decided it be best to post the process work as opposed to waiting it out to the finish piece since it be more interesting as to how I start off with my concepts for the piece.

This piece was inspired by my own personal childhood interests in dinosaurs and that such an interest has played a strong role in my childhood imagination. So here, I illustrated the little boy exploring the surroundings with a Triceratops, trolling through an exotic rain forest.

Will post the progression of the piece in the days to come.

© Eduardo Pasaoa


Toniko said...

I dig bro! You're style with the cubic feel is really cool. It has the essence of child hood memories. Wonder what colors you'll apply for this one

Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Still experimenting with the colours, but I'm going to push the mix between digital and traditional with this piece. The piece in the last post "Flight" opened up on some new theories during my final year of college, so I'm thinking now that it has been about a year later that I have to push myself a little more :)

And thanks again for the add! Will follow your blog for more of your posts, especially your CalArts stuff!

ysla said...


your drawings are cool. :)

yah. all my blog pics are places here in the Philippines. thanks for your compliments..

Amir Avni said...

Nifty sketch Ed! I always loved dinosaurs :)