Sunday, August 22, 2010

Triceratops (Final Piece)

Tricertops (Final)

Finally completed the Triceratops piece, despite all the busy-ness throughout the summer.

As described in the last post, this piece was inspired by my own personal childhood interests in dinosaurs and that such an interest has played a strong role in my childhood imagination. So here, I illustrated the little boy exploring the surroundings with a Triceratops, trolling through a rain forest.

If you like to see the preliminary sketch, you can see the previous June posting below, or click HERE.

© Eduardo Pasaoa


Rachelle Reyes said...

beautiful colors ed! always your forté. :)

Marissa said...

Just amazing. I love the child-like spirit in your art.

Seage said...

Lol, ed, colors are your forte?
Let your old mentee teach u a few things about color :P

I'm playing sir! Glad to see you fiiinally updating. This is great. Annd I do really like the colors! Can't wait to see u published in magazines all over. You know its gonna happen :P

Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Thanks Everyone! :)

PS to Seage: Wicked Blog! Added you to my links! :D