Thursday, December 29, 2011

Great Ancient Warriors - (Part 2 - Gallic Barbarian)

Great Ancient Warriors - Gallic Barbarian

Continuing the series of the Custom Warrior Icon Project as mentioned in the previous post, this icon is for the Warriors of Gaul, noted as among the many rivals of the Romans during the Gallic Wars. The icons can be used to replace the existing icons used on each single Mac folder, making them look fun.

Anyways, I hope everyone's enjoying the Christmas and New Year Holidays! Will be posting more things, which are yet to come! Happy Holidays everyone!

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Ancient Warriors - Custom iMac Icons (Part 1)

Great Ancient Warriors - Roman Icon

Great Ancient Warriors - Egyptian Icon

Recently, I have figured out how to convert .psd files into .icns files, which the latter extension mentioned is the format required to change all the folder icons on the iMac OSX! :D So, after this recent discovery, i decided to create another project that will be an ongoing challenge where I will design a series of ancient warriors known in the Classical Age of Antiquity!

The first batch of the Custom Warrior Icon Project will be of both the Romans and the Egyptians. The icons can be used to replace the existing icons used on each single Mac folder, making them look fun.

I'm trying to figure out how I can get the custom icons to be available online, but hopefully that can be figured out soon.

More Custom Icons to come :)

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Pacifica: Rundown on the Main Characters

So here's the rundown on all the main characters as follows, for the project "Pacifica" (formerly the Makiling/Kafagway Project, which I have now renamed officially since it seems more suitable due to the changes of story/research). Here are the characters as previously introduced:


Mari - Full Body Ink Tonal


Bagyo - Full Body Ink Tonal


Panon - Full Body Ink Tonal


Suba - Full Body Ink Tonal

Finally got around to finishing the fourth character as well, as you can see. The story will be centering on all four of these characters, with Mari as the main character. The story is still being drafted, but is being slowly fleshed out as I work on the process. More process works to come as I seek to make the time during these busy days :)

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Friday, September 30, 2011

Suba (Rough Draft - Phase I)

Suba (Rough Draft - Phase I)

A sneak peak at the fourth and final main character of the Makiling/Kafagway Project (A project soon to be renamed as the project's progression and development continues). Check out on the next post for the finished look, and all the basic information of each of the four main characters which will be presented altogether very very soon.

On a side note, it's been a very very busy few months lately, but hopefully I'll be able to get everything back into gear once I finally get more "illustration" time. In the meantime, check future posts for project development :)

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I.O.U. "Smile" Certificate Bills (Rach's Birthday Gift)

I.O.U. "Smile" Certificate Bill (Birthday Gift) - Reverse Side

I.O.U. "Smile" Certificate Bill (Birthday Gift) - Obverse Side

A birthday/welcome back gift for my girlfriend. Originally was supposed to be designed as one of those typical-comically cheesy couple "coupon" gifts but I decided to push the design limits and ended up looking like a fun-yet convincing-looking banknote (which actually allows me to play my design/illustration techniques to more creative approaches :P). By choosing the banknote approach rather then the clich├ęd "coupons", this allowed me to go for a more novelty-look that's uniquely original yet fun to play with! Check the fine details of both the Obverse and Reverse Sides of the Bill.

Since my girlfriend travels alot during certain times of the year, she loves to send postcards, and the idea with this gift is that she can send me a "Smile" (which is what I personally called these bills) with her postcards. :)

These bills were eventually printed on linen paper, to get a feel for actual real "money" texture. Perhaps I'll post pictures of the final product once I am able to get the chance to.

Designed by © Eduardo Pasaoa

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bagyo - Full Body Ink Tonal Draft

Tacdec - Full Body Ink Tonal

Introducing another character design for the Kafagway project, Bagyo. A masked warrior, he'll be Panon's rival however should not be mistaken as the main antagonist of the story. More details will follow once I finish one more character concept.

I will post all 4 of the characters again (which includes Mari and Panon) with all their basic bios once I get all the info complete.

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Panon - Full Body Ink Tonal Draft

Panahon - Full Body Ink Tonal

Introducing the next character of the project, Panon. He will be among the main characters for the work-in-progress story along with Mari, which I have yet to present once all the concepts and storyline is finalized. Drafted in digital ink and halftones. Will present more of his concepts in the next post.

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mecha: "Fire-Starter M-109" Concept

Mecha: "Fire-Starter M-109" Concept

Now what if the the Cold War developed Military Armoured Mechas?

Concept just for fun, taking a break from my personal projects and simply exploring some rusty army-metallic textures using digital and traditional mediums. PRETTY FUN STUFF!

Concept Design © Eduardo Pasaoa

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Brief Map of The Philippines Circa 1521-1624 AD

Map of The Philippines During Spanish Advent Circa 1521-1624 AD

For a close look, click HERE

A map based on my brief research that I've been reading on about the history of the Spanish arrival of the Philippines during the 16th - 17th Century. While trying to understand the timeline and feel of this particular time in order to further create the world I want for the "Makiling/Kafagway Project" (which I will discuss more in the future once I have all the content together), I decided to document the locations and brief events that shaped the Spanish colonization of the Islands. After reading many sources and documentation of their conquest of what is referred to as "The Spanish Advent" (note New Spain's Cross of Burgandy in the compass), I was able to make my own interpretation of what the Islands might have looked like during this period. By looking at the visual locations on the map, and the timeline associated with them, it's interesting to see a pattern on how they moved throughout the Islands between 1521-1624.

I have to advice that the accuracy of the map is pretty much still disputed based on the sources I read, and is still subject to further exploration for historical accuracy. However, the progress of the research has lead me to have a much clearer idea of what the Islands might have been during this particular period of Filipino history.

Babayin Fonts Downloaded from Nordenx.

Illustration/Cartography Design © Eduardo Pasaoa

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mari - Full Colour Character Turnaround

Mari - Full Colour Character Turnaround

Here is Mari's official character design turnaround sheet, in colour and finally complete! To get a better look at her, click HERE. Now, on to the next character designs!

The colours and design were loosely inspired by some of the clothing worn by indigenous tribes of the mountain provinces of pre-hispanic Philippines, with a bit of a contemporary spin on it.

The short and scripty-looking Filipino Baybayin font that I used underneath her name (which actually spells out Mari in contemporary Baybayin) was downloaded from this following blog created by Nordenx, a Baybayin expert that designs custom Baybayin (ancient Filipino) fonts.

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan 03-11-11

Japan 03-11-11 (Re-Edited)

Keeping our thoughts and prayers for those effected by the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan that occurred on Friday, March 11, 2011.

UPDATE: Although I do not work for nor am in part of this organization in any way, I thought I might share a link to the Canadian Red Cross for those who wish to help support relief efforts in the country. Stay strong Japan.

Also, this illustration has recently been featured on a post in, with a list of websites suggested in the post where other donations can be made online.

Illustration © Eduardo Pasaoa

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mari - Full Body Ink Tonal Draft

Mari - Full Body Ink Tonal

Here's another character tonal draft of Mari again, this time I think I got a better idea as to what she'll finally look like full-body wise. I was meaning to finish her updated turnarounds and colour experiments but I've been very busy for the past few weeks trying to complete other errands! I will try to tackle those final touches hopefully very soon.

In the meantime, more posts to come!

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mari - Digitally Inked (Half-Tone Test)

Mari - Digitally Inked (Half-Tone Test)

It's Mari again, this time digitally-inked to completion as a testing experiment on half-tones. Now that I got that figured out, more experiments and sketches to explore. She's definitely getting there!

To see the original sketch, please check the previous post. More to come!

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Makiling Project - Mari's Head Dress and Hair Edits

Makiling Project - Head Dress and Hair Edits

Another quick sketch attempt of Mari, this time finalizing her hair and head dress design as I wasn't entirely happy with her original look in my previous post. The first phase of her design will be finalizing her in pencil sketches and explorations, while Phase II and Phase III will be the colouring stages and character completion (which again will be presented and explained in more posts to come). I'm beginning to like where this direction is taking me, so I might do more study series of Mari before proceeding to Phase II of her design.

Plus, I'm currently drafting other characters as well. But more on them later.

Concept and Character Design © Eduardo Pasaoa

Monday, January 24, 2011

Character Design Draft: Mari (Makiling Project)

Click the above sketch to view!

A preview of a long-term personal project I'll be working on for a while, so there will be a series of some work-in-progress sketches for the days and months to come.

This is my character action reference sheet I have made for one of my many characters I will be designing for this personal project of mine. In this sheet, I have decided to sketch out "Mari", a character I have created that is very loosely inspired by a series of Filipino folklore (which I shall discuss more about once I have the project fully finalized). I wanted to experiment on her action poses as I will be having her perform some cool martial arts skills! As of now, this is just a sheet of some really basic poses. And as of the story? The story is currently a work-in-progress too, so you would have to see the next following teasers before I reveal any more details of the project.

The next phase to her design is to finalize her expressions and her character colours, which will appear in the later posts. I think I might need to rework on her hair though, but I'll see how her progression goes. Other in-progress works includes additional characters, scenes, action references, and logo design concepts for this project (and of course, story concepts and character bios, but that'll be discussed at another time once all the rough edges are all sharpened up).

Makiling Project - Mari (Front & Back)

Front and Back Poses

Makiling Project - Mari Guard-Stance Poses

Guard Stances

Makiling Project - Mari In-Action Poses

In-Action Poses

More work to come!

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Monday, January 10, 2011

Beautiful Ordinary Life

Beautiful Life

An illustration "Welcome Back" gift for Rachelle for both Christmas and the New Year. I wanted the illustration to reflect on our earlier dates, and I thought of swings since much of our hangouts at the time were spent at the local parks. The quote on the bottom is actually a lyric from a song by Wayne Brady "Ordinary", which reads: "Happy here on Earth in our beautiful ordinary life" .

© Eduardo Pasaoa