Monday, January 24, 2011

Character Design Draft: Mari (Makiling Project)

Click the above sketch to view!

A preview of a long-term personal project I'll be working on for a while, so there will be a series of some work-in-progress sketches for the days and months to come.

This is my character action reference sheet I have made for one of my many characters I will be designing for this personal project of mine. In this sheet, I have decided to sketch out "Mari", a character I have created that is very loosely inspired by a series of Filipino folklore (which I shall discuss more about once I have the project fully finalized). I wanted to experiment on her action poses as I will be having her perform some cool martial arts skills! As of now, this is just a sheet of some really basic poses. And as of the story? The story is currently a work-in-progress too, so you would have to see the next following teasers before I reveal any more details of the project.

The next phase to her design is to finalize her expressions and her character colours, which will appear in the later posts. I think I might need to rework on her hair though, but I'll see how her progression goes. Other in-progress works includes additional characters, scenes, action references, and logo design concepts for this project (and of course, story concepts and character bios, but that'll be discussed at another time once all the rough edges are all sharpened up).

Makiling Project - Mari (Front & Back)

Front and Back Poses

Makiling Project - Mari Guard-Stance Poses

Guard Stances

Makiling Project - Mari In-Action Poses

In-Action Poses

More work to come!

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa


foo-ray-ya said...

hey ed, fun stuff. Jumping in the air pose is really dynamic

Rachelle Reyes said...

great poses ed!! :) love the detail too :)

Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Yay! Thank you :B