Sunday, January 30, 2011

Makiling Project - Mari's Head Dress and Hair Edits

Makiling Project - Head Dress and Hair Edits

Another quick sketch attempt of Mari, this time finalizing her hair and head dress design as I wasn't entirely happy with her original look in my previous post. The first phase of her design will be finalizing her in pencil sketches and explorations, while Phase II and Phase III will be the colouring stages and character completion (which again will be presented and explained in more posts to come). I'm beginning to like where this direction is taking me, so I might do more study series of Mari before proceeding to Phase II of her design.

Plus, I'm currently drafting other characters as well. But more on them later.

Concept and Character Design © Eduardo Pasaoa


Anonymous said...

Awesome pencil work. That girl is a babe!

Were you inspired by Whale Rider? that's my 2nd favorite movie after ameile!

Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Hey dude! Nope I haven't seen the movie Whale Rider before, but I just saw the trailer after you mentioned it and it looks really interesting!

Actually, what inspired me was this filipino folklore story (or various tales of) that I've been familiar with before, along with me reading about colonial and pre-colonial Philippines. One particular are the indigenous groups from the northern regions of the islands before the Spanish arrived :)

I got a lot to work on though, since much of the history before the Spanish contact are pretty much limited and very few sources are left to preserve that portion of the island's history. However I do like the way her character is being shaped under my own personal interpretation. I will explain more as to why her design is justified in order to fit my project in much later posts ;)

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Hello~! Great drawings. The girl is pretty cute ;p. Who is Mari btw? Is it based on some other comic or completely original creation?

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Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Thanks for the comment SkyBlue!

Actually she's a character I'm currently working on for a personal project of mine. Can't say much about it yet as it's still being drafted, but Mari is a character I designed myself. :)

Thanks for commenting! :D

bunnybhugs said...

Nice stumbling on your site!

I've a lifelong obsession with Maria Makiling, been doing research and trying to map out contemporary references of her around the globe. and it's good to know that there's one in Canada.

Keep up with your work!

Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Hello BunnyBHugs and welcome! :)

I too have been fascinated by the various versions and accounts of Maria Makiling, especially when I first heard about her when I visited the Philippines back in 2008. The stories really stuck in my head for some time which led me to interpret my own "contemporary" version of her. In this case, unlike the traditional accounts ranging from her being a goddess in one version to a spirit in another, I wanted to try an angle with a possibility of Maria being a mortal... a sort of "who was she BEFORE the legendary Maria Makiling" point of view, and the concept of Mari was born!

It's definitely a non-traditional point of view to a very well-known legend, but it's definitely worth exploring. Many stories already have her being the enchantress many pinoys are familiar with, and it would be very interesting to explore the ideas of her beginnings that led to such legends, which is the central focus of my project. Hopefully you get to see the progression of the project as it comes and even make some suggestions on some known Maria Makiling traits :)

Great to meet another person who is intrigued by the legend, and from the Philippines too! Thank you for visiting!