Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mari - Full Colour Character Turnaround

Mari - Full Colour Character Turnaround

Here is Mari's official character design turnaround sheet, in colour and finally complete! To get a better look at her, click HERE. Now, on to the next character designs!

The colours and design were loosely inspired by some of the clothing worn by indigenous tribes of the mountain provinces of pre-hispanic Philippines, with a bit of a contemporary spin on it.

The short and scripty-looking Filipino Baybayin font that I used underneath her name (which actually spells out Mari in contemporary Baybayin) was downloaded from this following blog created by Nordenx, a Baybayin expert that designs custom Baybayin (ancient Filipino) fonts.

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa


Seage said...

Looking good man. Nice to see you back on some characters after so long.
Loved the drawing a few posts ago. This character has a lot of life and energy to her! Keep up the good work!


Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Thanks dude, still trying to flesh her out more, trying to make her character more believable (seeing her in a story that best fits her, or her fit into the story I'm trying to make). But right now, I think I'm pretty happy at where she's at. I should start on the other characters though... and the setting! :O

Lots more to progress and learn! Gotta draw draw draw! :)