Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Brief Map of The Philippines Circa 1521-1624 AD

Map of The Philippines During Spanish Advent Circa 1521-1624 AD

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A map based on my brief research that I've been reading on about the history of the Spanish arrival of the Philippines during the 16th - 17th Century. While trying to understand the timeline and feel of this particular time in order to further create the world I want for the "Makiling/Kafagway Project" (which I will discuss more in the future once I have all the content together), I decided to document the locations and brief events that shaped the Spanish colonization of the Islands. After reading many sources and documentation of their conquest of what is referred to as "The Spanish Advent" (note New Spain's Cross of Burgandy in the compass), I was able to make my own interpretation of what the Islands might have looked like during this period. By looking at the visual locations on the map, and the timeline associated with them, it's interesting to see a pattern on how they moved throughout the Islands between 1521-1624.

I have to advice that the accuracy of the map is pretty much still disputed based on the sources I read, and is still subject to further exploration for historical accuracy. However, the progress of the research has lead me to have a much clearer idea of what the Islands might have been during this particular period of Filipino history.

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Illustration/Cartography Design © Eduardo Pasaoa


Anonymous said...

This is very crisp, very nice job.

Allen R. said...

I continue to be impressed by the depth of your research and it's intrigued a fellow pinoy to start reading up on his roots (which I should've been doing LONG AGO).

As for the map itself,I appreciate the simplicity and unity in your color scheme...nothing off-putting and easy to follow.