Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I.O.U. "Smile" Certificate Bills (Rach's Birthday Gift)

I.O.U. "Smile" Certificate Bill (Birthday Gift) - Reverse Side

I.O.U. "Smile" Certificate Bill (Birthday Gift) - Obverse Side

A birthday/welcome back gift for my girlfriend. Originally was supposed to be designed as one of those typical-comically cheesy couple "coupon" gifts but I decided to push the design limits and ended up looking like a fun-yet convincing-looking banknote (which actually allows me to play my design/illustration techniques to more creative approaches :P). By choosing the banknote approach rather then the clich├ęd "coupons", this allowed me to go for a more novelty-look that's uniquely original yet fun to play with! Check the fine details of both the Obverse and Reverse Sides of the Bill.

Since my girlfriend travels alot during certain times of the year, she loves to send postcards, and the idea with this gift is that she can send me a "Smile" (which is what I personally called these bills) with her postcards. :)

These bills were eventually printed on linen paper, to get a feel for actual real "money" texture. Perhaps I'll post pictures of the final product once I am able to get the chance to.

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