Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Ancient Warriors: The Desktop Checkers Experiment - Romans vs Egyptians

As part of the "Great Ancient Warrior Icons Project", I have experimented with the idea of making these custom folder icons that I created for my iMac (or for any Mac for that matter) to be more "interactive" by simply using the basic functions of what Mac Folders can do - and eventually transforming these icons into "playable" pieces for Desktop Checkers! In this case, it's Romans vs. Egyptians!

Here's a bit of clip on how I quickly transformed my desktop into a ready-made interactive Desktop Checkers Board... using my very own and created custom icons both featured in my previous Roman and Egyptian Icons post.

Note: I apologize if the video appears blurry, as that it seems to be the best quality Blogger can provide when it comes to videos. It was originally alot clearer before it was uploaded.

As you can see, the desktop starts off with any computer desktop wallpaper (in this case, my own illustration piece I made on my Triceratops post), and was replaced with a Checkers Board wallpaper that I personally designed in Adobe Photoshop from scratch. I then laid out my own custom warrior icons on the board in preparation for a ready-made desktop game. As noted in my earlier Warrior Icons post, I was able to convert .psd files (Photoshop documents) into the required .icns files, a format required to make any image into a functional and simple folder icon for the Mac OSX. This conversion from one format to another is what many designers use to make their own flashy-looking Mac Icons many Mac users see online that are often available on the Internet.

Here's another clip of these folders in action during an actual Desktop Checkers game, on the Mac OSX Desktop. Even though these icons are "playable pieces" on your desktop, they still function as an actual folder. You can store anything in those icons to clean up your desktop, while maintaining the look of your "game board" :p

Perhaps there might be some other experimental "Desktop Games" using different backgrounds and icons in order... in the meantime, more fun custom icons in the following future posts :)

Concept By © Eduardo Pasaoa

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