Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Ancient Warriors (Part 3 - Viking Warrior)

Great Ancient Warriors - Viking Warrior

As part of the continuing "Great Ancient Warriors" Project, this icon is for the Norse Warriors called the Vikings. As mentioned in the previous post, these icons are designed to be used as custom-replacements for the existing icons used for each single Mac folder, as mentioned in my first Warrior Icon post.

This would make this icon the fourth icon-character design for the first set of Warrior Icons that I have been joyfully working on during my own free-time. Here's the first row of the current characters I have already designed to date! Which one is your current favourite? :)

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mari - Full Colour Character Turnaround (Edits)

Just updating a few edits on Mari's Character Turnaround sheet. Thought I'd post it :)

Concept and Character Designs © Eduardo Pasaoa